INAMON is a web based insurance system designed with a customer self-service model in mind. It takes full advantage of the opportunities the internet offers for letting the customer have full control over when and how their insurance should be managed.

INAMON is recognised for its depth and breadth of functionality, and the description here, will only give a taste of what it can do.

The development has had the following aims:

  • To have extensive functionality for a modern insurance company
  • To enable easy customisation for the individual insurance company
  • To enable full self-service functionality via the internet
  • To enable easy implementation and maintenance
  • To enable agility in the daily operation



To be able to sell insurance online many insurance companies have, often at great risk and expense, developed a web front end to their existing backend systems. This generally works for quote and initial sale of the policy, but it proves very hard to enable the full amendment capabilities. Because Inamon is designed with that capability in mind, we offer a real integrated system, and not a front-end and a back-end system. Only by having an integrated solution can you have seamless Online New Business, Mid Term Amendments and Renewals Processing.

Full Function

Inamon is a substantial system in every aspect, covering all expected insurance functionality including Party (Customer), Account, Quotation, Policy, Claims, Reinsurance, Product Configuration, GL interface, Document handling, User control etc. It has been designed for multi currency and multi language from the outset.